Be sure to read through this section to find out how to join the deviantART group


  1. Read through the Rules and FAQ thoroughly.
  1. Collect the Application Sheet (Drawn - Written) and start filling it out with your character thusly:
  2. Choose between the Races carefully.
  3. Once you have found which race you want to be, look at the bottom of the race page and choose a starting Pokemon.
  4. Go to Bulbapedia or Serebii and choose 3 attacks for your starting Pokemon and with which ability you want it to have.
  5. Go to the Class page and choose which Class you want to be.
  6. Optionally, go to Gods page and choose a god you wish to worship. If you do not worship a God you are considered “Lay” as your religion. Paladins and Clerics much worship a God.
  7. Fill in the other parts of the application such a name, age and history. Make sure to read through your race information to get ideas about your personality and history. You should be well rounded and interesting but not convoluted or over powerful. Look at these character creation help guides for tips. How to Build Characters and Character Design Tutorial for your appearance once you draw your character and place it on the application sheet. If you are an author you do not need to draw your character, instead just write a detailed description or ask a friend/commission a piece of work for your character sheet. If you do the latter please make sure you credit the original artist and that they know you used their work.
  8. Upload the drawn profile to deviantART with the character sheet (Name, age, race etc) pasted in the “Artist’s Comments” section below if you are using a drawn picture or if it is purely writing then upload it as a written document.
  9. Copy the URL of your character sheet and on the group page click "Join Group" and in the comments section paste the URL.
  10. Wait for one of us to look over your character and either accept or decline. If we decline we will be sure to tell you why and give you tips on changing the character so you can join.
  11. Once you are in the group submit your character to the Adventurers folder and then you're done! You can now go roleplay, mingle and have fun in the world of Illith~