Here you can put a link to any NPCs that you make for the game. When you make a new page for your NPC, click edit on here and write their name on under the NPC header, highlight it and go to the top where there is a symbol for a "link" and link it to the page with your character. If you name your page the same as your characters name it should link nice and easily.

Please make sure you write a description of who your NPC is and what they do so if other people want to use them they can. Also do state where they are in the world and if they are alive or dead.

Please link to your deviantART account on your NPC page.

If you do not wish to make an account and to do it yourself then please tell Pseudo-Strawberry and she will upload it for you, she will only write what you tell her though and nothing more.


Please do not post your NPCs under here, this is purely for the mods.

Eldeth Bronzehelm - Owner of Rocky Results

Eli Harley - Example Player Character

Fran and Gerty Bloom - Owners of Whimsicott Cottons

Henry Selemchant - Owner of Selemchant's

Hewitt Finnal - Owner of The Razorleaf Armouries

Player NPCsEdit

Post your NPCs here for everyone to see.