There is a choice between six races in PokeTale, each one will give you advantages and disadvantages on certain Pokemon. Read through each race carefully before you post your character as it will change where you’re from, what you look like and what Pokemon you can have as your starters.

Affinity and EmnityEdit

You will see at the top of each race page the terms “Affinity” and “Enmity” and two Pokemon types next to each word. This is what that means:

Affinity: Your race has a natural connection with these Pokemon. It gives you the following bonuses –

  1. You get one of these Pokemon as your starting Pokemon (check the list for what is available).
  2. You can get these types of Pokemon onto your team easier than others. In other words, you can write the reason why you get these Pokemon as “It was drawn to me because of my Affinity with them” as a viable reason to own one.
  3. These Pokemon can gain up to 6 attacks instead of 4 as long as they are with you.

Enmity: Your race has a natural incompatibility with these Pokemon. It gives you the following minuses -

  1. It is incredibly difficult for you to gain these Pokemon in your party. You must have a very good story reason why this Pokemon would bond with you.
  2. These Pokemon can only gain 3 attacks as long as they are with you

What to do with your RaceEdit

Once you choose your race, choose your starting Pokemon, your name (check the list of example names for ideas) and think about where you are from and what your personality is. You are allowed to make up your village name if you are not from one of the main towns/cities but be sure to write about what your village is like and where on the map it is. If it is interesting enough it may be added to the main map.

List of RacesEdit