Here are the rules for playing and submitting on the deviantART group.

General RulesEdit

  1. No God-Modding.
  2. Please make sure that you can write coherently and without the use of "text-speak".
  3. Make sure your characters are well rounded and interesting for others to work with.
  4. Your character's history should be interesting and explain the way they have been shaped, but an excessive degree of success or drama is frowned upon. Please do not be a dragonslayer or the orphan of a cursed line, who was sold into slavery.
  5. You cannot catch legendary Pokemon. Half of them are gods and the other half are incredibly rare, incredibly intelligent magical creatures. There may be the chance to obtain one later in the story though.
  6. You are only allowed one main character but you may have up to 5 NPCs with ties related to your main character.
  7. You can earn and find items for yourself and your Pokemon during mission, but you only start with the basic equipment.
  8. You cannot start with a shiny Pokemon as they will be given as prizes or blessings from the gods as you go through the missions.
  9. Your character's design is based on medieval fantasy so make sure you use cloth, leather and metals in your outfits and feel free to use swords, bows and daggers if you like.

Member RulesEdit

  1. Please be respectful to everyone. Even if your character is rude, out of character you should not be.
  1. Any sign of harassment and you will be banned.
  2. Feel free to note the group or write on the front page of the group if you have any questions that you can't find in the FAQ. Please do not message the mods directly.
  3. Keep to the rules of deviantART.
  4. If you feel there is anyone breaking any of the rules, please message the group with proof.
  5. This is a mature group, but please make sure that any mature art work has the correct warnings as not everyone wants to see it.
  6. Please keep all mature roleplay out of the chatrooms as some players may be young.