Here is everything that happened in previous Tales of Illith. Tales are the stories that make up missions and in this section we will see how the Tale concluded and who helped to fix the problem.

Tale 1 - 01/08/2013Edit

Arceus Day in Greyson CityEdit

A huge crowd is gathered in the centre of the market district, the hubbub of so many excited people creating a thick blanket of noise. They all surround a large wooden stage that had been constructed the night before with golden flags strewn up between thick posts. The noise quietens for a moment as two figures and their Pokemon ascend onto the stage, a blond man dressed in purple fineries and a sleek green haired elven woman dressed in the golden robes of Arceus the sun god. The noise erupts again in cheers and shouts as the figures wave, their Pokemon waving along with them, a tall smiling Mr. Mime and a beautiful Deerling with beads wrapped around its neck.
The man holds up his hands for quiet and slowly the noise dies down enough to speak. "Ladies and gentlemen, people of Greyson, I, Grendel the bard and the dear Priestess Idril welcome you to a fine Arceus day!" The cheers erupt again, some people throwing flowers onto the stage, the Priestess of Arceus bends down and picks up a bouquet of flowers thrown at her feet, smelling them and smiling gratefully. "Children of Arceus" She speaks smoothly, gently but everyone knows to be quiet for the Priestess, their faces all turned towards her as she cradles the flowers. "Before Grendel tells you all of the festivities available today let us praise Arceus for another beautiful holy day in his name." Giving the flowers to her Deerling she raises her hands high above her , palms flat towards the sky and speaks in unison with the crowd.

"Our Shining Father bless us today,
Let your warmth surround us,
And your light guide our way.
Keep us strong and keep us pure as the sun.
May we reflect Arceus' light gladly."

When the prayer is done the crowd is smiling and looking expectantly at Grendel who seems to be lapping up the attention along with his Mr.Mime. After a pause he steps forward and clears his throat, "I hope you are ready for everything planned for today! We have quite the set-up for everyone from aspiring heroes to kiddies out in the market district streets, keep your ears peeled because you never know what might happen today..."